Coated Superabrasive Powders

Vulcan Superabrasives offers Ultra Clean Diamond powder with alloy, composite, and metal coatings for enhanced bonding and heat dissipation.  

Nickel-Copper Alloy Coated Diamond

Copper Coated Diamond

Pre-Coating: Ultra Clean Diamond

Coated Powders

Coating increases particle retention in most bond systems, and enhances heat dissipation which results in longer tool life.

Vulcan Superabrasives currently offers Ultra Clean Diamond powders with nickel, copper, tungsten, nickel-copper & nickel-tungsten alloy, textured, and proprietary composite coatings. We will provide customized formulations of any coating based on client needs.

View our current selection of diamond powders available for coating here.


"Alloys" are not just two metals deposited in close proximity to one another.  An alloy combines two or more metallic elements to create a new metal with unique properties.  At Vulcan Abrasives, we understand the chemistry that underlies alloys, and provide true alloy coatings on our abrasive materials.

Our nickel-copper alloy coatings are available at between 10-40% copper, and our nickel-tungsten coatings between 1-10% tungsten, depending upon our client's needs. If you require additional alloys, just let us know. Our chemists and engineers are standing ready to design the coatings that you need.


Our composite coatings are a proprietary blend of materials that offer superior abrasion, wear resistance, and heat dissipation.  Call us to determine whether composite coatings are a fit for your application, and to request a sample.

Single metal 

While we specialize in high value coating for abrasives, we also employ our knowledge and expertise to provide the best single metal coated diamond abrasives in the industry.

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