Our products are formulated with diamond particles that range in size from one micron to one millimeter, with size analysis of both the base diamonds and coated diamonds provided for each product batch, so that what you order is what you receive – guaranteed.

Particle Size & Shape

There is more to purchasing abrasives than the numbers written on two sieves. A particle size distribution (PSD) is more than a mean, standard deviation, minimum, or maximum; the shape and skew effect YOUR tooling.

Because the shape and size of abrasives grains are critical to performance, we specialize in quantitative particle analysis, including aspect-ratio, eccentricity, convexity, sharpness, and use in-house proprietary analytical techniques designed to provide the best possible performance.

Particle Size Distribution

We employ state-of-the-art equipment and methods to finely tune and monitor the PSD of our powders. Each batch is evaluated for size distribution using several techniques and instruments, with data provided to our customers upon request.

Particle Shape Characterization

We assess the shape of our products by use of a light optical microscope with proprietary image analysis software, and provide the results to our customers for every batch upon request.

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